Worm Bin Problems

Worms Are Trying to Escape
You may be alarmed to open up your worm bin to see worms that appear to be trying to escape. If there aren't hundreds of worms climbing the walls, ...
Sun, 28 Mar, 2021 at 4:40 PM
I Have Mites In My Worm Bin
If you see a bunch of tiny whitish or reddish dots all over your organic material, then you likely have mites in your worm bin. Mites aren't a prob...
Sun, 28 Mar, 2021 at 4:52 PM
I Have Fruit Flies in My Worm Bin
Fruit flies indicate possible overfeeding and possible fermentation in your worm bin. Be advised that fruit fly larvae may have been present on your food be...
Sun, 28 Mar, 2021 at 9:07 PM