You may be alarmed to open up your worm bin to see worms that appear to be trying to escape.

If there aren't hundreds of worms climbing the walls, then this is fairly normal behavior. But it can be affected by a couple things, namely moisture, changing barometric pressure or vibration.


Worms like moisture so if you just gave a heavy feeding, this may have caused some condensation on the inside of the walls and lid. The worms like that will enjoy crawling around in it.

Barometric Pressure
Some species of worms, namely Indian Blue worms which look a LOT like red wigglers, are sensitive to changes in barometric pressure which happens before a thunderstorm or weather front.

Worms are sensitive to vibration so if there is an air conditioner, washer/dryer, or other household appliance nearby, this could be causing the issue.

If thousands of worms are trying to escape all at one time, then you may have issues with overfeeding or a lack of ventilation. Remove extra food waste, add dry bedding, and ensure your worm bin has adequate ventilation in the walls or lid of your worm bin. If you are vermicomposting is a simple Rubbermaid bin or a bucket, then place a damp towel over the top of the bin which will ensure adequate ventilation.

For more guidance, please check out this video!