We've made purchasing bulk worm castings very simple - and inexpensive - here at the Urban Worm Company.

For a purchase of 3 totes or less, your best price is likely realized by simply purchasing on our website. During the checkout process, make sure to:

  • enter your phone number
  • order the the lift gate unless you have either a commercial loading dock or a forklift capable of taking a 2300lb pallet off of the delivery truck

When your totes ship, we will update you with an ETA. We have also asked the shipping companies to give you a call the evening before delivery.

For larger purchases, please e-mail us directly. We can save on shipping for more than 3 totes and can get you the best value for full truckloads of 42750lbs apiece. This is great for soil blending operations, garden centers, and cannabis operations.