The Continuous Flow system uses a type of earth worm referred to as epigeic. These species tend to live just below the surface and not burrow deeply. The worms listed below are the most appropriate for CFTs. And the species you use can depend upon your climate conditions.

Regardless of species, you'll want to buy approximately 25 lbs per module

Note: If you are vermicomposting in a climate-controlled environment, you may have more flexibility in selecting your preferred species.

Temperate Species

  • Eisenia fetida (Red wiggler) Buy here
  • Eisenia hortensis (European nightcrawler) Buy here

Note: European nightcrawlers burrow deeper than red wigglers and may escape through the CFT bottom.

Tropical Species

Perionyx excavatus (Malaysian / Indian Blue)

Eudrilus eugeniae (African Nightcrawler) Buy here