At a commercial scale, waste should almost always be subject to a short, 4 to 5 week precomposting process to stabilize waste for the worms. This will reduce the waste volume by 1/3 to 1/2.

Pre-composted materials like manure may reduce 10% further in the CFT.

  • Single module: 5.2 cu.ft./week or about 12 yards/year
  • Full line (5 modules): 26.7 cu.ft./week or 58 yards/year

Fresh materials like food scraps with shredded cardboard can reduce up to 50%.

  • Single module: 10 cu.ft. /week or about 20 yards/year
  • Full line (5 modules): 50 cu.ft. /week or 96 yards/year

Your additions will equal the amount harvested plus the amount of reduction from decomposition in the CFT.

The amount of reduction will depend on the condition of the material when it is added. This includes the size of the pieces, the type of material, and and the amount of decomposition already started.

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