It may seem weird for the "Urban Worm Company to *not* sell worms. We get it! There are several reasons for that.

1) We are not good at breeding, growing, and shipping them. There are vermiculture experts who know how to do this better than we do. A partner business, Meme's Worms in Valdosta, GA is our worm supplier so if you go to our Red Wiggler product page, for instance, you will see that we refer traffic to Meme's.

2) Our main product is the Urban Worm Bag. Even though we have always been careful to tell folks to refrain from buying worms until they get the Urban Worm Bag set up and assembled, invariably, people would buy their worms and the Worm Bag at the same time. We had to work very hard to ensure that the Urban Worm Bag arrived before we sent the worms. So we found the easiest thing to do was to simply remove the possibility of buying the worms and the Urban Worm Bag simultaneously.