We are open to new resellers in all countries except the EU and the United Kingdom. We can also offer exclusivity within certain countries or regions under certain conditions.

Resellers can use us for drop shipping, bulk or wholesale. Online brands and influencers can also become affiliates for the Urban Worm Company at a 10% commission rate.

Drop Ship

Most of our customers are drop ship customers who simply order from us online to fulfill single orders to their US-based customers. Resellers who wish to carry stock will often buy in 4- to 8-unit increments for retail or in-person sales.

We offer two methods for our drop ship customers.

Create a Account on Our Store

Most of our drop ship customers have an account on our website which allows them to log in and purchase at a reseller rate. They simply check out using the same process that regular customers do except that they input their customers' names and shipping addresses instead of their own.

The process is very simple.

Use Syncio (For Shopify Stores)

If you have a website on the Shopify platform and wish for us to dropship, we can offer store synchronization via an app called Syncio which synchronizes the data between selected products. This allows for quick product creation, data synchronization, and automatic fulfillment if you enable - and pay Syncio for - all of its features. 

When an order is created on your website for a synchronized product, it creates an order on our website which we fulfill automatically. 

We invoice you monthly at your reseller rate.


Bulk customers who intend to purchase less than 60 units of the Urban Worm Bag or less-than-wholesale quantities of other items would order from our website as per the above guidance.

Wholesale customers would be invoiced for their wholesale quantities plus freight from our Las Vegas warehouse. Wholesale customers are also encouraged to arrange their own freight.


We use Refersion for our affiliate program. 

You can apply at urbanwormcompany.refersion.com. Be advised that if we find evidence of web scraping and widespread coupon "mining" and abuse, that we retain the right to reduce commission payouts and/or terminate the affiliate relationship altogether.